Sands & Cements

Below is a list covering most of the sand and cement products that we do. The list is ever expanding, and we often find things we didn't know we had. So if your not sure on anything, please get in touch or call in for further details.

Building (soft) Sand - maxi bags (approx 25kg), Loose scoops and Bulk bags

Ballast (concreting sand) - maxi bags, loose scoops and Bulk bags

Sharp (screeding) sand - maxi bags, loose scoops and Bulk bags

Plastering (rendering) sand - maxi bags and Bulk bags

Type 1 Crusher run - maxi bags, loose scoops & Bulk bags

Kiln dried (block paving) sand - maxi bags

Playpit sand - maxi bags

Cement - 25kg bags

Jetcem cement - 3kg & 6kg bags

Postfix - maxi bags

Mortar mix - maxi bags

Hydrated lime - 25kg bags


As well as the above, as part of our decorative gravels range, we keep a basic 10mm and 20mm gravel, often also used in many building applications. These are available in maxi bags and bulk bags.


Below is a list and some pictures of the bricks that we keep in stock, in the yard. We aim to keep a minmimum of three packs of each bricks in at once, although many we keep 5,000+, so we can cater for most jobs quickly and competatively. Discounts are available on pack quantities of these items, and as well as the ones we stock, we can order in most bricks subject to availability. So for any job, please call in or get in touch for a quote :-


65mm Class B eng. (red & blue)        Solid engineering Bricks (red & blue)

73mm Class B eng. (red)                   65mm Concrete commons

65mm LBC Commons                         65 & 73mm LBC Heathers

65mm LBC Tudors                              65mm LBC Dapple lights

65mm LBC Cotswolds                        65mm & 73mm Carlton Heather rustic

65mm Carlton heather sandfaced     65mm Carlton Brodsworth

73mm Civic multi smooths                 65mm Red Rustics

65mm Desimple Topaz multi             65mm ET Stapleford multi

65mm ET Kingsville multi                  65mm Oakleigh red blends

65mm Ibstoc non standard specials 80mm Reclaim bricks

9x3, 9x6 & 9x9 Terracotta airbricks and liners

65mm Multi-angle bricks                   


All of our bricks can be brought individually or in pack quantities (at a discount rate)


We keep many different building blocks in stock, again in large quantities. Sold individually or in packs (at a discount rate), we aim to keep a minimum of five packs of all those listed :-

100mm Fibolite blocks                     100mm 7N Concrete blocks

100mm Thermolite blocks (celcons)150mm 7N blocks                      

150mm Hollow Blocks                       225mm Hollow Blocks                       300 x 275 x 140 foundation blocks


We keep both concrete (spanlight) lintels and a large range of I.G. Steel lintels in stock. For the full details of the I.G. Lintels we keep click HERE to view their catalogue. Large discounts apply to the list prices, and we keep most ranges in, starting at lengths of 600mm all the way up to 4800mm, IN STOCK!!!!!!. Please call for a price and to check availability of any lintels required.

Our concrete lintels come in two standard sizes, either 100 x 65mm or 140 x 100mm. We keep all sizes in stock ranging from 900mm up to 3600mm, stepping up in 150mm increments.